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Why You Need Bullnose Carpet Stair Treads For Your Stairs?

Everyong loves a beautiful hardwood stairway, but even the most attractive stairs can be slippery for anyone in the family, including pets. PURE ERA Carpet Stair Treads can add safety to your steps, not to mention an extra layer for warmth and comfort. With simple solid design, it easily complements the natural beauty of your steps and home.

Why Pure Era Carpet Stair Treads are better than others?

  1. Our bullnose carpet stair treads are finished with bullnose protects your stair edge, reducing wear over time.  Protect your stairs from daily abrasion - excessive wear and scratches from a high traffic area of your home.  
  2. Non-slip, this can protect your falimy and pets avoid sillping. Amazing non-slip padded backing prevents movement.   
  3. Can be removed for cleaning and replaced.
  4. Self-Adhesive design - no tapes/ adhesives/ staples or glue needed. Won't damage your beautiful staircase!    No any tools for installation and the process is so quick and easy that it only takes seconds and almost anyone can do it.
  5. 9.5" x 30" x 1.2"  Bullnose rectangle

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Jill on

I’m looking for a bull nosed stair treads that are 26 × 9.5

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