International shipping time: 20-30 days
In international transportation during this time there is no the awb tracking.
The tracking number of the order will only be tracked after it arrives at the destination and is delivered to ups for delivery.

Due to the high shipping cost of the products, in order to avoid returns, we suggest customer to read the product description and product size carefully before purchase.

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About Us

PURE ERA is committed to providing solutions for higher quality life to customers around the world. We hope that our products can provide customers with a better user experience in the details of their daily lives, so that customers can live in a better environment. Enjoy family life and improve the quality of life with products that are more convenient, more affordable, more beautiful, more environmentally friendly and more personality.

As we all know, household products are not updated as quickly as electronic products, but in practice, we continue to improve the details of our products every month according to customer needs, whether it is the selection of raw materials, processing techniques, or the final Packaging, even if it is a trademark or a page of instructions, we hope to present customers with the most perfect product state. This is our product purpose, hoping to serve every user with the purest products. Thanks