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Best Baby Crib | Safe and Comfortable Sleep

Sleeping Soundly: Discovering the Best Baby Cribs for Your Little One

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Pure Era Baby Crib Sets with Changing Table Infant Portable Crib

Pure Era Baby Crib Sets with Changing Table Infant Portable Crib


Natural Wood Convertible Crib with Changing Table

Find the Perfect Convertible Crib for your Little one's Nursery, 8in1 Crib Grows with Baby.

Solving all the problems you encounter in taking care of your baby, from crib to changing table, storage space, and children's bed, you only need this crib set, which can be used by children from infants to 12 years old!

We Specialize in Safe Sleep, Pure era crib is designed to be combined with a cradle and can be converted into a cradle bed with a 10° tilt, making the baby's sleep more stable and comfortable.

Made of New Zealand pine wood and does not contain any harmful substances. CPSC certified to meet or exceed all safety standards.

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Yes,Of course, our cots are all on wheels and can be placed next to your bed

We recommend assembling the crib 3-4 weeks before your baby is due! That way, if your baby comes early, you'll be ready. Although we don't expect it, if we need to send replacement parts for any reason (for example: if something is damaged in transit, our shipping time is approximately 20 working days), we will also have enough time to make sure you’re all set!

The Pure Era crib is made from sustainably harvested New Zealand pine with a non-toxic finish. They're made in China in a family-owned factory with decades of experience making children's products.

Crib, mosquito net, side crash pad set, quilt and mattress all include a mini-crib formation as well as the conversion kits to expand to a full crib, and then to a toddler/junior bed. They also include our Original mattress for the mini-crib. The Pure Era includes the full crib and toddler bed conversion kit.

Pure Era meets and exceeds the safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and ASTM International — most recently, the ASTM F1169-19, ASTM F406-19 and ASTM F1821-19 standards.

Pure Era cribs are designed to be non-toxic and go above and beyond the mandatory safety requirements. The table below shows where our cribs stack up compared to the requirements.

Requirement:Total lead content in paint (CPSIA Section 101)
Standard <.009%
Pure Era <.001%

Requirement:Total lead content in surface coating (CPSIA Section 101)
Standard <.009%
Pure Era <.001%

Requirement:Total lead content in substrate (CPSIA Section 101)
Standard <.01%
Pure Era <.001%

Requirement:Phthalates (CPSIA Section 105)
Standard <.1%
Pure Era : Undetectable

Eco-friendly coconut palm mattress: knitted cotton fiber fabric is suitable for all seasons, 3D honeycomb structure is comfortable and breathable, can be slept naked, moisture-proof and anti-bacterial, highly supportive, clean and environmentally friendly material